2018 saw Papua New Guinea seize the rare and challenging opportunity  to open our doors to the international community. Showcasing our rich  cultural diversity and heritage. Ultimately culminating in a historical  hosting of world leaders.

Building on this momentum, we stand at  the forefront of a unique era in our continuing development to attract  and capitalise on international and domestic investments.

 Let’s optimise PNG Together, through inclusive and sustainable growth.  From the 17th to the 21st of June, join us in Port Moresby at Papua New  Guinea Investment Week 2019 - The authentic PNG platform with a global  perspective promoting partnerships, growth and innovation opportunities  for serious investors.

Featuring the following key events:
• The 35th Australia PNG Business Forum & Trade Expo
• Port Moresby after APEC
• The 2nd Speakers Investment Summit
• The 15th UN ESCAP Asia Pacific Business Forum 

The next chapter of our unique journey awaits. See you at Papua New Guinea Investment Week 2019. 


Our team for PNG Investment Week 2019


Materua Tamarua 

Douveri Henao 

David Morris

Clarence Hoot 

Basil Kambulaigen

Kamis Yalakun

Stacey O’Nea

Rio Fiocco 

Carlos Perez Padilla 

Kwarara Tamarua 

John Lewis Modudula

Des Yaninen

Zha Agabe Granfar

John Faunt 

Ray Lav